good reads from the week 8.23.13

good reads










Ya’ll….YA’LL! Its been a good week. You know why? Because school started Monday. And Monday was glorious with all of its school starting going on. The biggest complaint from Whitten (who started 1st grade) was “All we do is walk, walk, walk…don’t they know my legs get tired?”. And Ford (pre-K) said the best thing was just being with his best friends who teach him ninja moves. All is back to being right in the world. First world first grade problems and preschool Chuck Norris wannabe’s. And I was just happy to be drinking my coffee. (which never really changed anyways)









Here are some good reads from around the web for your weekend enjoyment:

Imperfect and unprepared: The story of every parent ever.

How my daughter became a delight to me.

Fair fashion spotlight

Some fellow Noonday gals took trips to visit the artisans in Guatemala and Ethiopia. Such a good reminder that we truly can purchase with a purpose. They had the opportunity to meet the hands behind the beautiful pieces. What a sweet moment captured in these blog post.

What Ethiopia taught me

Now that I’ve seen I can’t unsee

The trip that changed it all

Until next time…

Peace Ya’ll



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